Spinal Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC

The most prevalent work-related injuries reported involve the neck and spine. As a core support mechanism for the body, injuries of the spine or spinal cord are often debilitating. In the midst of recovery, The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. handles the compensation evaluation needed for medical bills and lost wages for the injured employee. Consult The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. in Charlotte, NC about your spinal injury.

The Bollinger Law Firm, P.C. specializes in handling complex workers' compensation claims, specifically those related to spinal injuries. Entrust your situation into the hands of a knowledgeable attorney, who will fight on your behalf so you receive proper payments to guarantee financial security.

Spine in Charlotte, NC

Causes of Workplace Spinal Injuries

The spinal cord housed in the spine acts as a conduit for messages to and from the brain and body. When the cord is traumatized, the damage can affect a number of essential, everyday functions.

Spinal injuries are typically caused by some form of forceful action. While the majority of on-the- job spinal injuries occur in active and physically demanding workplaces, this is not always the case. A number of workplace spine issues that qualify for claims compensation are caused by the following accidents:

  • Sudden, Severe Car Crashes
  • Falls from Significant Heights
  • Being Struck by a Heavy Object

Promptly Consult a Spinal Injury Lawyer

Failure to report an injury properly or in a timely manner affects your ability to get the benefits of workman's compensation. Even if you are suffering from a permanent injury, you may not immediately be offered the full amount of the benefits that you are legally entitled to.

By working with a spinal injury lawyer from The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. in Charlotte North Carolina, you have an increased chance of getting the money you deserve, even if your claim has already been denied. Mr. Bollinger is also knowledgeable about additional benefit opportunities, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

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