Neck Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Similar to back injuries, neck injuries can take a great deal of time to heal, if they manage to heal at all. Employees who develop or suffer a neck injury while at work are entitled to file a workers' comp claim. Once a claim has been placed, it can either be accepted or denied.

The Bollinger Law Firm, P.C. has experience helping clients facing any scenario that involves a neck injury. Even if your claim has been accepted, it does not mean you are offered the level of compensation you deserve. If you are not awarded the appropriate payments for lost wages and medical bills, or you are denied outright, the neck injury attorney at Bollinger Law Firm P.C., Charlotte, NC, fights on your behalf to ensure your financial security.

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Following an on-the-job neck injury, it can be a mistake to rely on your human resources department for answers. As HR departments typically seek to minimize the compensation paid out by the company, you may not be provided with unbiased information regarding your claim.

When it comes to getting the results you desire, The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. in Charlotte's neck injury lawyer can thoroughly inform you about the benefit options available for your situation. The following neck injuries can qualify you for workman's compensation, as well as Social Security Disability or Supplementary Social Income:

  • Sprains
  • Strains 
  • Nerve Pinches
  • Disc Issues
  • Vertebral Fractures
Neck Pain in Charlotte, NC

Workplace Neck Injuries

Around 24 percent of neck injuries are the result of slip-and-fall incidents. Accidents like this can occur in any profession, including those without a physically taxing work environment. All employees should become familiar with their rights to compensation, especially given the reality that injuries can occur in any workplace. It is always difficult to tell whether a recent injury will cause long-term pain, discomfort, or other issues.

To safeguard yourself against this possibility, it is essential that you notify your employer of a neck injury immediately, as well as produce a written claim within 30 days of the injury. Let The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. help you navigate this complicated process. Mr. Bollinger can even provide a free written evaluation of your current claims situation.

To learn more about workers' compensation from a neck injury attorney, contact The Bollinger Law Firm, P.C. Now offering free consultations and written evaluations. The Bollinger Law Firm P.C. law firm works with the residents of Charlotte, Matthews, and Gastonia, and the surrounding North Carolina areas.